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    Architecture, custom design and construction in la Costa Blanca

    Architecture, custom design and construction of a villa in Costa Blanca

    At Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca, we work with the most exclusive villa construction companies on the Costa Blanca, we adapt our new construction projects for sale in Costa Blanca to your lifestyle with your participation in the design and subsequent construction.

    Your satisfaction is our priority. We take care of everything during the construction process and deliver your property ready to live on the Costa Blanca.

    Step 01
    The process begins with the selection of the building plot in the Costa Blanca area and the location that best suits your requirements, needs and budget.

    Step 02
    After finding the perfect building plot for the construction of the villa on the Costa Blanca, we will have a meeting with the team of builders and architects to design the distribution of your new home, taking into account your priorities, wishes, characteristics and budget.

    Step 03
    When we have finished defining what the house will be like and we have the plans completely drawn and perfected, we will proceed to prepare the execution project with the architects. In this process, you select the materials and qualities of the house, always adapting to your preferences.

    Step 04
    Once the execution project has been completed, we will proceed to formalize the contract and after receiving the building license from the city council, which will allow us to begin the construction process that will take approximately 12 months to complete the house.

    Step 05
    During the construction process, weekly, we will inform you of how the construction progresses and answer any questions that may arise during the process.

    Step 06
    Upon completion of the construction of the house on the Costa Blanca, we will proceed to the delivery of keys, our team of builders will take care of the legal procedures that may be necessary to complete the legal requirements of Spanish law.

    All our villa construction projects on the Costa Blanca include:

    Project, building licenses, ten-year insurance, declaration of new construction, certificate of occupancy of 1st Occupancy, including Architect's fees, licenses and building permits.

    Architecture, custom design and construction of villas on the Costa Blanca at Holidaydream Homes Costa Blanca

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